I am currently working on two novels and I have several others on the back burner ’til I have time to write them.  I write realistic fiction with character-driven plots and my main characters tend to be those devalued by our current society – queer folks, trans folks, working class folks, and people of color.  The novels I am currently working on are:

Monk (this is only a working title) – Attempting to flee his newly discovered homosexuality, Arden, a 21 year old college student, joins a monastery where he befriends an elderly monk named Amado, who teaches him that there’s more to God than Church doctrine.  There’s also more to Amado than meets the eye, as Arden discovers when he takes on the task of caring for Amado after his stroke.  Amado is a man of God, but his is also a female-to-male transsexual.  As Arden grapples with this new information, he is also trying to process his own homosexuality in relation to Church teachings amid the political discord unfolding in response to the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  

Rearrange the Sky – Rowan, Shouren, Malik and Akin are four vastly different men with two things in common: they are all queer and they were all born female.  Set in the present, this character-driven novel is a mosaic of four love stories that give voice to a marginalized segment of the gay community.  Rowan is a working-glass white construction worker in his mid-twenties who identifies as a femme and enjoys cross-dressing; Shouren is an almost-thirty year old Chinese-American man working at Starbucks and dreaming of owning a sailboat and sailing around the world; Malik is a middle-aged lawyer and leather Daddy who is half-black but passes as white; and Akin is a 24 year old black software technician and sci-fi fan raised by adoptive white parents. Their partners are just as diverse, but although each love story is unique, the stories speak to each other and to the complexity of the experience of navigating romantic relationships as a man of trans experience.  When read together, the stories gain a cumulative power that can speak powerful truths about gender, love and community.

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