I’ve been writing

And not posting šŸ˜›

I got offered $100 to write an 800 word essay for a website. I should be getting the author contract today. I’ll post about it when the contract has been signed.

In other news, I read an interesting article on why first-time authors are typically in their 30s: “Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old”. It made me feel better about my slow progress as a writer.

It also linked to a site (herewith a list of reasons books get rejected, explaining that getting a reply takes a long time because of all the rejections. Presumably, if you wrote a good book/poem/whatever it would take longer for you to hear back than if you wrote something that went to the trash heap immediately. I choose to take this as a good sign since some of the journals I submitted poetry to took FOREVER to get back to me – well past what was indicated in their posted timelines. I read the list, and I’m assuming I’ve been rejected for reasons 8-13:

8. Author is working on own problems in the book.
9. Book is dull/flaccid/underperforming.
10. Book has been done already.
11. Publishable book that they don’t see why they should publish.
12. Talented author who wrote the wrong book.
13. Good book that house won’t get behind.

I’d like to flatter myself that it’s #13 but who knows? I do know that I can write reasonably well so I’m sure it isn’t reasons 1-7. Guess I just have to keep working!

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  1. Hey, what have you been writing? When will you be posting again??

    • Thanks for commenting and reminding me to post. I really need to beef up the postings on here šŸ˜›

      I’ve been writing poetry mostly, plus working a little on novels during NaNoWriMo. I haven’t been writing as much as I would like this fall/winter since monetary woes (which = working overtime) and wedding planning and a health scare have all been getting in the way. I’ve finally got an established writing day, though, so things are being written at least once a week.

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