Censoring GLBT Books?

Post by author/publisher about the situation.

List of books that have been censored.

Post by author whose ranking was removed.

Call to boycott with phone numbers of customer service and board of directors.

The Amazon spokesmen said this was a “glitch” in the sales rank feature and they’re working to correct the problem. I don’t know if I buy that – this whole thing seems fishy to me. I’m boycotting Amazon until this whole “glitch” is fixed and we get an explanation.

Edit: Apparently they’re censoring books on disability and sexuality as well: LOOK.

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  1. Me too! It’s terrible! Thanks for the info!

    • No problem. Hopefully they get their act together really quickly.

  2. I called a few of the numbers Edward Champion posted, but the ones I tried didn’t work out. (“Myrtle? She left this company quite a while ago!” “We have no one by that name in the directory.” And so on.) I guess his info was bad? I don’t know what spokespeople he is calling. The numbers he listed were for people on the Board of Directors.

    Oh well, with so many people Google bombing and calling Amazon, I am sure that someone will hold them accountable. (Not that I am unwilling to act if there is more accurate information!)

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