Fan Mail

We just got a letter from someone who read about Rezra in Trans(in)formation (2nd edition) by Kelly Shortandqueer. I’m excited because this is the first person who doesn’t know us on a personal level who cares about the zine! Reading his letter has inspired Ren and I to put our noses back to the grindstone and our pens/pencils/glue/scissors/xerox machine back to the zine-making.

And for those of you who are curious: Trans(in)formation is a directory of zines written by trans/genderqueer zinesters and/or zines with trans/genderqueer content. Its current incarnation was published in May 2008. If you are interested getting a copy of Trans(in)formation ($2), you can contact Kelly Shortandqueer at or PO Box 13559, Denver CO 80201or you can go to Kelly’s website.

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Writing and Publishing

Publishing is the scary, daunting part of writing. It’s sort of like college, in that you freak out over applying and hope with all your might that you get accepted. Then once you are accepted it’s not as cool as you expected since you aren’t one of the big names on campus. Since the acceptance process is grueling and I’m certainly not a big name, I’ve decided to put publishing out of mind for a while to focus on writing without the pressure. With that (and a few other things) in mind, I now have a daily schedule that includes an hour of writing time. I’m making a rule for myself that, at bare minimum, I HAVE to write for the entire hour – even if it’s pure drivel. Wish me luck!

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