Writing Group

My friend Meg is starting up a writing group.  The first meeting is next Thursday at 8:00pm at Diesel Cafe in Somerville, MA.  So far only three of us but I’m excited since I don’t know many other writers and the ones that I do are mostly located far away from me (Paris, Madrid, Montpelier, New York City).  I haven’t met the other girl yet but Meg is delightful and a wonderful poet who I’d love to spend time exchanging ideas with.  Having new people look at my work might be inspiring.  Besides, I need to get out more – I’m much too introverted for my own good.

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My Workspace

It has occurred to me that I haven’t posted here in a LONG time. Since I don’t have many updates to give about my writing (it’s going slowly and the rejections keep coming) I’ve decided to post a picture of my writing space:

My Workspace

I took this picture right after cleaning off my workspace.  It usually doesn’t look that pristine. That lace thing on the right-hand side of the picture is a window with a view of a tiny bit of lawn, a stone wall, and our neighbor’s house. The “Someday They’ll Be Sorry” wall is a collage of all of the rejection letters I’ve received. I’m beginning to think making that collage was a stroke of brilliance because posting my rejections has become a very cathartic action for me. It’s almost exciting to see so many up there because it’s proof that I’m a real writer (only real writers get rejection letters, right?). The bulletin board contains important notices, online passwords, business cards, and random fun things like a fake rose from my friend Kim and the hot pink bracelet one of the kids at work made for me. The poster above the bulletin board is the Ten Commandments. The computer is my dad’s old computer that he gave to us for free when he upgraded. The speakers, mouse and printer are all Ren’s. You can’t see under the desk but there are two file boxes – one for my writing and one for everything else I need to file. The rest of the room is Ren’s art studio so it’s filled floor-to-ceiling with his works-in-progress:


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