I got published!!!

Or rather, I will be published as of July/August by Agenda Poetry ( I just got an email from the editor accepting two of my poems (Ghost and Ocean) for their online broadsheet for younger poets and artists. Hoorah!

I’m extra-excited about this because Ocean is one of the poems I was pretty much convinced I wouldn’t get published. It’s a 3-page poem and long poems aren’t very popular right now. Also, when I was editing my Senior Project, Carolyn Forché told me she disliked the formatting of the piece as a whole. I disagreed with her and kept my formatting as is, but I’ve been a little nervous about it since then.

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Post Office Problems

The U.S. Post Office has decided to increase the pricing on its stamps:

This makes me extremely unhappy. Why? Because I’m nervous that all of the SASEs that I sent out will no longer work since the postage will be wrong! I’m scared that I might not hear back from the journals I sent poems out to, since the postage I put on the stamps will no longer be sufficient for them to mail back their replies. What I don’t get this: Why doesn’t the Post Office make all of their stamps “Forever” stamps (the kind that carry over during the price increases)? It’s not like they’re getting a bigger profit on those stamps – they cost the same amount as regular stamps. It makes no sense to me. But the bigger issue is this: because of a one penny increase in stamp prices I might not hear back about my poems. Not cool. Not cool at all.

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