Inspiration Strikes Back

Finally!  I’m in Florida with my boyfriend and his family for Passover.  It’s my first break from work since I got promoted and I didn’t realize until now how thoroughly my stress level was affecting my writing (and everything else).  My life had gotten so crazy that I wasn’t even dreaming at night.  Now that I’ve had two days off in a row I’ve started dreaming again, andof course I’ve launched myself back into writing. 

I’m working on a short story that’s expanding so rapidly I’m worried it’ll turn into another novel.  I don’t know if I can afford to be working on three novels at once!  This was supposed to be a crazy detour to circumvent writer’s block and now it’s turning into a frightening monstrosity.  The story is set in a Christian nation-state with gender outlaws, a reincarnated diety, an underground network of vampires, and a werewolf FBI agent.  I’m a little worried that everyone who reads this will assume I’m on drugs.  For the record, the only thing I’m addicted to is chocolate.

I’m also trying to talk my boyfriend into helping me create tranny greating cards.  These would commemorate trans* milestones such as starting hormones, having surgery, changing your name, and changing your pronouns.  I’m sure people would buy them.

And on a less inspiring note, I’ve started getting back rejection letters from the poetry journals where I sent my work.  I’m looking at it in a positive light, though, and am getting ready to send my poems off to my second tier of journals.  I WILL get published!

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  1. Chocolate is an extremely powerful drug. I know what I’m talking about.

  2. Sometimes I think that the crazier and more indescribable a story is, the more awesome it is — and I realize that thought is probably inaccurate a great deal of the time, but it might be true in the case of this current project.

  3. D – From one addict to another: yes. Yes it is.

    Ren – I hope you’re right!

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