Dry Spell

How come?  I got promoted at work and I’ve been trying to expand/rekindle my social life.  Unfortunately the combination of the two means that I have next to no time for writing.  And of course, when I do have time I’m so tired I just go to bed (we’re talking earlier than 8:00pm, which is kind of ludicrous).  Hopefully things will calm down by next weekend so I can get in some writing during my weekend off.  I need to push myself so I start writing every day because, at this rate, my novel is never going to be finished.

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  1. I believe it took Joseph Heller close to 9 years to write Catch 22, because he was working full time and just busy with other stuff. But hey, what a result! So keep trying 🙂

  2. Congrats on the promotion! They finally made up their minds then. How’s it going?

  3. D: That’s actually quite inspirational, thanks 🙂 hopefully I won’t take THAT long…

    Hope: They did indeed. It’s going well and I’m excited for my next paycheck when the raise will finally show up.

  4. Congratulations on the promotion! This is my first time in your blog and I am reading all your posts and loving it! (By the way, look in your mailbox from time to time)

  5. thanks, hester 🙂 i mailed you a letter a couple days ago so it should be there soon. i’ll mail you a copy of the zine as well.

  6. More updates from Tony! More updates from Tony! Miss you!

  7. Hope – I’m still stuck in a dry spell but there’s a post coming soon (tonight or tomorrow).

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